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Albert Einstein

Concept of Astrology in India and Why a Commoner Fails to Fathom the Significance of the Science

Astrology: Why Hesitate Believing In It?

Ever noticed the horoscope section in dailies? Remember how we secretly take a peek into it and pretend we never saw it in the first place? The question is, why the introversion? Why can’t we all accept it as something that comes naturally?

Yes, the desire to know about the future resides in every one of us. Only a few are bold enough to accept it. And then, there’s a second kind, too, who would covertly believe in astrology and still claim they did it for fun. They would possibly learn by heart, all Linda Goodman reads and still say she is not convincing enough.

Now, here’s something that will help you break the ice: Astrology isn’t a fun thing. It is as useful as any other source of knowledge. And yes, the wish to realise the future isn’t going to harm you in any goddamn way.

Albert Einstein

Need inspiration? Well, even the great Albert Einstein believed in it big time! And, even your ‘Avengers’ hero, Hollywood A-lister, Robert Downey Jr., is into it wholeheartedly.

Logic isn’t kept aside:

The science is logical and testable; it is open to scrutiny by all. For those who still want to argue, did you know that calculating the birth chart is dependent on set rules? Not everyone can do it and not everyone can understand it thoroughly.

The best astrologer in Kolkata will not give you a vague chart. Instead, you will be explained the significance of the different planetary positions and which combination symbolises what. In India astrology has been prevalent from time immemorial and the reason is not generic. From predicting the future of any kingdom to famine. There are many testaments when an astrologer has saved the day with his immaculate prediction.

planetary positions in astrology

The science is extremely intricate and only a maestro can explain it lucidly. It is like being a graduate in Arts and wishing to decode the entire human genetic code. It’s possible. But it’s going to be difficult. Very difficult.

There are huge responsibilities looming:

For a commoner, a spade must be called a spade. But, for these professionals, a spade can have so many different meanings! And because of this ability to see the hidden in the obvious, an astrologer in India will have the keys to so many problem locks.

This person is a responsible being. He will perfectly know how to answer a query that speaks about ‘not being able to marry’ and combines it with ‘waiting to get married.’ How he sees the planet and the world beyond it, is beyond our common cognisance.

Astrology is a science, not pseudoscience. Even though it’s like trying to fathom the human genetic code without expertise, believing in it can change the entire course of your life. So, break the shackles today, and the next time you are in hot waters, do not hesitate to pick up the daily and gobble the horoscope section.

Also, reading Linda Goodman is never bad. You will only learn how to understand people from a different perspective. It’s never going to harm you, no matter what.



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