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If you feel that your love equation or relationship status is not on the right track, discussing your issues with an experienced astrologer is the need of the hour. Astrologers in Mumbai and Pune have noticed that a majority of the clients approaching them wanted to know whether their sun signs, moon signs, rising signs and lunar nodes can have an impact on their relationship status. Though there are numerous factors affecting your relationship compatibility, these four elements definitely play a vital role.

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4 Vital Elements and How They Impact Your Relationship

  • Sun Sign

Approach a top astrologer in Pune and they can easily determine your sun sign using your date of birth. There won’t be any basic affinity between a couple if their sun signs aren’t compatible. If you want your relationship to last longer, pair up with someone whose sun sign shares the same element like yours. For example, a Sagittarius and an Aries bring similar energy and you will find similarity in their intention, action and enthusiasm.

  • Moon Sign

Astrologers determine your moon sign by assessing the position of the moon when you were born and use your moon sign to understand your inner needs and instinctive. If you are looking for a committed relationship, considering the moon sign of the other person in the relationship is advisable. If you are a Scorpio, someone having Pisces as their moon sign can meet your needs very well as both these signs reflect water. You will find that you are emotionally comfortable with them.

  • Lunar Nodes

Though they are not treated as ‘signs’ in the field of astrology, lunar nodes are determined by the position of the moon and the sun when you were born. There is a southern node and a northern node. As far as relationships are concerned, couples whose lunar nodes overlap can make their love grow with each passing year. Even if you are planning to get into a relationship, there are high chances of crossing paths with someone whose lunar nodes overlap yours.

  • Rising Sign

Understanding the impact of your Rising Sign on your relationship will be a bit daunting unless you approach an expert astrologer. They will study your Rising Sign minutely and understand the first impression you give off to people when they meet you for the very first time. The initial attraction between two persons is determined by their rising signs. Even the best astrologer in Mumbai will agree to the fact that a relationship will be more stable when you pair up with someone having an opposite rising sign.

Since you are now aware of the vital elements and signs, it’s time you approach a reliable astrologer in Pune and ask how the elements can affect your relationship.


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