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Medical Astrology – Applied Astrology For Medical Practitioner

MEDICALIn the old days a doctor would always have been an astrologer, he would base his diagnosis, treatment and prognosis on the chart, otherwise he would have been seen as a dangerous quack. A traditional doctor worked within an astrological world view using elements and planets to characterize and heal diseases. As everything in the world, every precious stone, every herb, every activity and even every soil can be described in astrological terms; there was also a wide choice of natural remedies.

This choice was made purely on the basis of This is a miracle, and any astrologer can do it, the only thing you need is astrological knowledge. This reborn medical astrology is not homeopathy or naturopathy as a part of which we also take a glance at the natal chart and some transits; it is real astrological diagnosis and treatment based on the horary chart of the question about the disease. It is only the horary chart – NOT the natal chart – which shows what is going on at the moment, the acute problem and its deepest cause. This deepest cause of a disease is always formulated in astrological terms, like Mars in Scorpio, which means that the martial energy stream in the body has become unbalanced because of the excess of the water element – Scorpio – in the system.

All four elements may lead to health problems if they are present in the body in excess. So there are basically only four illnesses: water, fire, air and earth diseases, although they will manifest in many different forms. Now before we are going to discuss the method of diagnosis based on the horary chart, we will have a closer look at the elements or the humours as the elements are called in medical astrology. All humours have their typical disease patterns and it is important that we understand how they can manifest in the body. This is the most basic level; the four elements are the fundamental building-blocks of the whole cosmos and so of the body too. The elements or humours are built up out of four basic simple qualities, heat, cold, dryness and moisture. Heat is energy and movement, cold is the absence of energy. Dry means that no connections are made, structures are rigid and boundaries are maintained. Moisture indicates connection and structures and boundaries are broken down or lost. Dryness and heat built up the fire element, dryness and cold the earth element, moisture and heat the air element and moisture and cold the water element. The four elements have their special names in medical astrology which are mentioned in the scheme below along with typical disease patterns.

We need the basic insights above to be able to practise a good and effective traditional medical astrology. The following example will show how we proceed. The first thing we look at in the chart is the ruler of the first house. The first house in a horary chart represents vitality, health and the body. As we are interested in what is wrong with the body –someone has asked what is the cause of his medical problem – the aim is to identify which factor is harming the ruler of the first house, Lord 1. In astrology this factor is necessarily a planet in a sign, but the outer planets are left out, you don’t need them in traditional astrology. The disease is NOT the ruler of sixth house, the house of illness. Taking the sixth house ruler as the disease will lead to a wrong diagnosis with all dire consequences.

The simple reason is that we are already asking a question about a disease, we do not need a special house to give us that. What is being asked is: what is wrong with my body, so Lord 1 is the starting-point, and there is always a planet harming Lord 1, this planet will indicate the disease. In most cases the disease is Lord 1’s dispositor.

A dispositor has power over the planet it dipsoses and this exactly describes the disease situation, the body is controlled by the illness. But a check has to be performed first. Lord 1’s dispositor is only the disease cause if the planet is located in a sign which does accord with its elemental or humoural nature. To perform the check, this scheme is useful:

  • Fire planets are Sun and Mars
  • Water planets are Venus and the Moon
  • Earth planets are Saturn and Mercury
  • Air planet is Jupiter.

if Scorpio is on the ascendant, Mars is Lord 1, the body – remember: no outer planets. If Mars is located in Virgo, we have a fire planet in an earth sign. This means Mars is ill because he is in the wrong sign, in the wrong environment. In this case we can take Virgo’s ruler Mercury as the cause of the disease. If Mercury is located for example in Leo, the disease is a fire disease – Leo being a fire sign – which has affected the nervous system or some other Mercurial function in the body. This planet-in-sign – Mercury in Leo – is the disease, the cause of the trouble. Its aspects and especially its receptions show how this cause works out in the body. The remedy would be putting out the fire by cooling and moistening (watery) foods and herbs and restoring Mercury to its proper function by Mercurial herbs, stones or tinctures. So the whole thing is done completely on the basis of astrology.

This question was asked by a woman suffering from a skin problem in the feet. The skin was so pain full – because of moisture gathering there – that she was an invalid a part of the year, on top of that her hair was thinning and falling out every time the skin problem returned. The modern doctors did not have a diagnosis nor a treatment, she was simply sent home, they had never seen such a thing. Traditional medical astrology does provide a diagnosis because it does not depend on symptoms, it simply looks behind the material curtain in the chart, to see what is wrong.


As we know, every horoscope has 12 houses.

  • First house, governs “THE HEAD”.
  • Second house, governs “EYES, THROAT AND SPEECH”.
  • Sixth house, governs “THE LARGE INTESTINE ANUS AND KIDNEY”.
  • Ninth house, governs “FEMORAL ARTERIES AND THIGH IN GENERAL ”.
  • Tenth house, governs “THE KNEES AND POPLITEAL FOSSA”.
  • Eleventh house, governs “THE LEGS IN GENERAL AND LEFT EAR”.
  • Twelfth house, governs “THE FEET AND LEFT EYE”.

ORIGIN THROUGH PLANETS Through planets diseases origin

SUN – Sun is responsible for weak eye-side, headache, disturbance of blood circulation, weak bones, baldness.
MOON – Moon is responsible for Uterus, Dropsy, Tuberculosis, Mensuration disorde Water diseases, Mental aberration, Enemies, Nervousness, Serious ffusions
MARS – Mars is responsible for Blood diseases, Tissues, Breakage, Fevers, Burns, Mental aberration, Timidity, when debilitation or in certain houses, irritability, wounds eruptions, epilepsy, tumours etc.
MERCURY – Mercury is responsible for Mental diseases, nervous breakdown, Leucoderma, excessive sweating, impotency, vertigo, sensitiveness and deafness and skin diseases too.
JUPITER – Jupiter is responsible for Jaundice, diseases of Liver, Vertigo, Laziness, Chronicity of diseases, Gall Bladder diseases, Sleeping sickness.
VENUS – Venus is responsible for venereal diseases, sensitiveness, diabetes, stone in bladder or kidney, sexual diseases (weakness of sexual diseases)
SATURN – Saturn is responsible for paralysis, insanity, cancer and other tumours, Glandular diseases
RAHU – Rahu is responsible for High Cough, Slowness of action, Intestinal diseases, Insanity, Leprosy, Ulcers, General debility, Boils, Varicosvanes and diseases of
Spleen etc.
KETU – Ketu is responsible for intestinal worms, eruptive fevers, low blood pressure as against Mars who causes high blood pressure, defective speech with high blood pressure is also produce.


Aries is firy sign sun exalted here who is controlling planet for health. In Hindu Astrology JIVA OR PRANA and all the creation depend upon the light and hearth. Aries sign is a strong point as for good health and moveable sign also.

Vrishabha is earthy sign or lagna watery planet no doubt tenacious in their purpose but at the same time they are co-words in matter of health they two exhibited great energy.

Mithun is an airy sign, not good in mental health, nervous break down over indulgence in sex and they have weakness for sex and the concentration also poor.

Karka is a watery sign, prone to lung diseases. It sign is crab, a poor thing practically no vitality or stamina but in spite of this it is their habit to live the life under all circumstance and this is rashi of moon.

Singha is a firy sign, belongs to that all powerful planet very active strong capable to frightening death and diseases generally calm and composed and thus reserve their energy.

Kanya is an earthy sign and the slight combination of fire and water and they are moderately good for health, neither weak nor to strong. They are mentally active and physically they upset when their plans get wrong.

Tula is an airy sign, balanced over indulgence in sex. They don‟t upset easily too jealous and have clean habits.

Classified by some as watery sign as good as firy sign scorpion is active, firy and quick in action cannot control their anger easily upset. They suffer through speaking mentally and physically. They maintain good health.

Dhanu is a firy sign. The symbol is starched arrow. Sturdy active quick in action and maintain uniform good health and hard work.

Makar is an earthy sign and ruled by Saturn. Who is termed as Ayush Karka.

All the earthy sign in strongest and they are able to maintain their good health and the other hand they suffer from mentally causes not from the bodily.

Kumbh is also an earthy sign. It comes next to the Makar.
Those person born in this sign are generally robust in health. They are slow in action but mentally strong, very carry out their plans, very coolly and calmly.

Meena is the watery sign and ruled by the “GURU” as we can called by Jupiter also though liable for various illness. They recover speedily and come back to normal life in normal health.
They exhibit wonderful vitality.

From the above lines it is clear that every sign has their own specialty and harmful effects also.


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