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Astrologer Talks: Valentine’s Day Round the Corner! How’s Your Zodiac?

It’s the day of love. It’s the day to get cupid-struck and celebrate. If you’re single, it’s about time to fall in love. If you are taken, it’s time to perk up your relationship.

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However, it all comes down to your zodiac sign when the talk is about life, love and beyond. Want to know what would work best for you this Valentine’s Day? Listen to what this astrologer has to say.



If you are single, Aries, don’t blame your fate. Rather, blame your busyness. You don’t seem to notice all that’s going on around you, do you? Wake up! It’s Valentine’s Day. You’d have to wait a year more if you miss this one.

Did you know your planet Mars would be in the house of Gemini this year? That means you’ll have a tendency to spend more time with a group rather than with your beau. This is bad; try to avoid it.

All girls on the hunt for love, blood-red is your colour. Match it up with black leather goods. Don’t be coy, lest you want to miss some golden opportunities of winning love. Gents, you need to gear up as well. Being organised is the way to go.

  • Good news: Although the committed ones will experience all the highs and lows, the relationship will stay strong because of the new moon settling in Aries. Singles will definitely find love.
  • Bad news: You will have to make some really, really tough decisions about your relationship, and you might despise it totally.
  • You’re compatible with: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.



Taurus, you are another Aries in the making. Listen, a day called Valentine’s Day exists, and you should celebrate it. You know, you are a hardcore romantic. Whether he or she, you will love a bouquet of roses, a nice candlelight dinner at some fancy restaurant, and perhaps even a long drive.

Taurus, you love chocolates. And spa. And a lot of pampering. The planet Venus rules you and this year, it’s going to be in Capricorn. You can expect all the lavishness coming your way. ‘Don’t ignore; just embrace,’ says the astrologer.

  • Good news: Singles, there’s extreme likeliness of bumping into the love of your life this year. Expect the unexpected to happen. It could be the turning point of your life.
  • Bad news: You’re lazy when it comes to love. Opportunities will surely knock on your doors. But, it’s your decision to walk up to it and open.
  • You’re compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.



The astrologer in India says Gemini makes a moody Valentine. A happy moment can swiftly turn into anger and dissent. This can ruin your relationship for sure. And about finding love, ah, forget it. You are Mercury ruled. But, ditch being formal this day. The mantra is to take things lightly.

Gemini, you’ve got to work on your mood first. Another thing, don’t put your friends before your love this Valentine’s Day. Things won’t be pleasant. Instead, put all your energy into nurturing the love in your heart, showing it, spreading it, and cherishing it.

  • Good news: You will have ample opportunities to get cupid-struck. Just, don’t be restless and impatient.
  • Bad news: You’ve got to be decisive for once at least. Most Geminis are awful at this.
  • You’re compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra.



Hey Cancerians, no one can beat you in being romantic. Yes, romance is never subdued in you, although you like to think otherwise. You know, you melt way too easily! Of course, you’d like your love to have a good sense of humour as well.

Single or taken, you can always depend on flowers, chocolates, poems, and all the old school Valentine’s Day gift ideas this year. You are absolutely Moon dominated and very, very emotional. But, it’s not bad to let your heart rule.

  • Good news: Cancerians will be able to relish a nice, sweet relationship this Valentine’s Day without being forceful.
  • Bad news: You cannot take things lightly and hence are in the danger zone of getting hurt and disappointed. Worry not, because this feeling won’t last for long.
  • You’re compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.



This Valentine’s Day is going to be a roller-coaster ride for the Leos. It would surely be an unforgettable one. Whether you want to take this statement as positive or negative is dependent on you.

Valentine’s Day for you is all about celebrating in the poshest of places. But, if you can’t find a nice restaurant, you will not end up in a fast food corner. Rather, you will cook in your home and feed your Valentine. That’s so you, Leo.

You love pampering and being pampered. Your idea of being on cloud nine is perhaps riding a helicopter or paragliding. Sun is your planet; the bright dazzle has ruled you all your life. Being alone is not a Leo thing. You can suffer a heartbreak, but you simply cannot survive without love.

  • Good news: You will have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams. Love and affection will ooze out from everywhere.
  • Bad news: Your professional life can pose a hindrance in your love life. Beware.
  • You’re compatible with: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius.



As per astrology, you are utmost sensitive. Sadly, Valentine’s Day this year won’t be as exciting as you thought it would be. But, don’t let your spirits be dampened. Singles, you need to work on the southwest corner of your room to invite love into your life. Consider placing crystals and candles there.

For those taken, your relationship could shuttle between emotions and be subjected to a turmoil. Relax, this isn’t permanent. Rather, you should look forward to a romantic life together. You’re Mercury dominants and like to be in no company than bad company. So, let this Valentine’s Day change you.

  • Good news: Things will happen at their own pace. You need not worry about them.
  • Bad news: Your relationship could fall in some serious trouble. 
  • You’re compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus.



Libra, you’ve never liked the idea of being single. You’ll be happy to know that you are most likely to find love on the streets this year. So, make travel plans and don’t hesitate to make new connections with strangers. Remember, your home cannot offer you the love of your life.

Expect a lot of dramatic moments, just like those in movies. Of course, you need to learn how to juggle work like and personal life. And yes, if you are taken, please don’t put your beau under pressures; let things happen on their own.

  • Good news: You will experience a lot of sudden romantic activities.
  • Bad news: Your profession could be the killjoy. 
  • You’re compatible with: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.



If there’s an easy way, Scorpio, you tend to have doubts in your mind. Yes, this is your biggest flaw. ‘How can things be so simple?’ is your way of thinking. Please get over this habit of being a doubting Thomas.

Otherwise, you an cultivate a healthy relationship in the snap of a finger. Did you know, you have all the potential of becoming a steady, loyal partner? Take advantage of your strong points. This Valentine’s Day, open your heart to joy, love, and intimacy.

  • Good news: You will have the most sensual Valentine’s Day ever. Need we say more?
  • Bad news: You need to be proactive. If you keep your mouth shut, love will never be in your cards.
  • You’re compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer.



Sagittarius, you have worn yourself out for way too long. Leave your work and plan a short tour now. You want to freshen yourself up before Valentine’s Day, don’t you? You know, you have Moon in your zodiac sign. So, there’s all possibility of finding true love this year.

You are most prone to distractions. Steer clear from them and you are the best partner anyone can have. You know, chivalry pours out from every inch of you and you know the right way to win hearts. Make use of your trump card.

  • Good news: This Valentine’s Day is going to bring great things into your life. You will bask in the lavishness and love.
  • Bad news: No bad news for you Sagittarius. Rejoice!
  • You’re compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo.



You are an attractive person and you can have people go weak in the knees. This is a gift you are born with, Capricorn. Venus is in your zodiac sign, so there are more reasons to celebrate. You know, this day could be the most memorable in your life. Just keep calm.

Love for you is a thing forever. You want it to last. You want it to grow. So, make sure that your partner is aware of your needs. You are not looking for a parcel affair. No way.

  • Good news: Valentine’s Day, 2016 is going to shape your spirit and desire to the utmost. Feel jubilant about this, Capricorn.
  • Bad news: If you don’t speak your mind, you might fall for the wrong person. This would turn nasty if this happens.
  • You’re compatible with: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.



Just one word for you, Aquarius – lucky! You know, you have the Moon in your House of Romance, meaning, you will have a heartfelt Valentine’s Day this year. Astrologers say you are creative. So, put your talent to use and come up with incredible ideas for your beau.

And then, don’t you always wish to ride against the tide? So, this is how you should celebrate the day this year. Venus is in your zodiac. As per astrology, this year will bring to you a romantic encounter which arrives only after aeons.

  • Good news: You could receive an unexpected love invitation from someone you close to you.
  • Bad news: Finances may bring you down. Just don’t get disheartened.
  • You’re compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra.



You are a dreamer, Pisces. And, this is the day to turn your dreams into reality. But beware, you are most likely to turn aggressive towards your beau. Control your temper and behaviour and you’ll have the perfect Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Astrologers have asked you to be playful. Don’t let your life goals obstruct the mood of the celebrations. You’ll have enough time to dream about the big things later. But, this day, once gone, will return only after a yearlong gap.

  • Good news: You’ll receive all the attention from your beau you’ve always wanted.
  • Bad news: Your temper might ruin the fun.
  • You’re compatible with: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

A very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Believe in the zodiac and stay blessed.


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