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Colour Therapy From the Perspective of An Astrologer

Colour Therapy has been in practice since ancient times by the astrologer in India


The concept is pretty simple

– light, which in reality, is a spectrum of seven colours, carries energy in its varying wavelengths. This very energy can be used in holistic healing of the living body.

Our age-long relationship with the hues:

Before setting step in the physical world, every human being is nurtured within a mother’s womb. The colour of comfort, then, is pink. We grow up learning the different shades. This is an important part of developing our conscience and cognisance of things.

Look back into your past. There will always be a colour associated with each memory and feeling. The tinges circulate in our subconscious minds, and last forever. We all have a personal preference of different colours for sadness and happiness, fear and anger.

The shades and the chakras:


The seven colours – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, carry different intensities of energies, which thrive in resonance with the seven prime chakras (energy centres) of the human body.

The best astrologer in Kolkata speaks about the function of these energy centres and the importance of Colour Therapy:

“Imagine the chakras like the cogs or toothed wheels of a clock. Each wheel must be in motion to make the clock function properly. Likewise, each chakra must be brimming with constant energy to keep the body balanced. It is this balance which keeps us healthy.

healing chakras

We fall sick or experience discomforts and ailments when there’s a break somewhere in the functioning of the chakras. For instance, a sense of guilt can have a negative impact on the throat chakra and restrict the free flow of energy in that area.

A Colour Therapy helps in restoring this balance, if lost, my applying the appropriate shade of the needed energy level.”

Which colour complements which chakra?

colour therapy

Ask any great astrologer in India practising the science, and you’ll be explained in details about the relationship of the shades to the chakras. In general, violet is associated with the crown, indigo with the third eye or brow, blue with the throat, green with the heart, yellow with the solar plexus, orange with the sacral, and red with the root chakra.

When exposed to the shades, the energy in them is taken in by the eyes, the skin, and the skull. It travels to every cell of the body, and affects us spiritually, emotionally and physically. In other words, it influences the body, mind and soul, equally. A Colour Therapy can be executed via various channels, which include solarised water, light boxes, lamps with filters, silks, and hands-on healing, too.

An effective, non-invasive procedure:

chakra stone

This holistic therapy is a painless procedure and perhaps the purest form of all healing methods, ever. The shades have arrived upon this planet with a purpose. That’s why they are everywhere! The almighty has given us this great, safe opportunity and capacity of natural healing.

No matter how much of traditional medicines you consume, nothing can beat the effectiveness of this organic complementary therapy.


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