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Good Luck Astrology Tips for Making Your Days Prosperous

India is a country where astrology is practiced in day – to – day life. We the Indians often depend on astrology to make our days lucky and life positive. For example, we often worship Lord Ganesha before initiating any auspicious and important job. Surprisingly, in many cases, these astrological tips prove to be true. Considering the good luck associated with following astrology properly, you can follow the below – mentioned tips that can make your days really prosperous.Best astrologer in Delhi

      • Tips for Mondays –

Lord Shiva is the ruler of Monday. So start your Mondays with the blessing of Lord Shiva. It would help you make your Monday activities successful. Monday is the perfect day to start any financial activities as well as a new career. Wearing white clothing on Mondays would bring good luck. Don’t wear black on this day. It would be better to see your image on the mirror before leaving.

      • Tips for Tuesdays –

Kartikeya is the ruler of this day. To let his blessings shower on your life on Tuesdays, so you can overcome any obstacle, it would be good to wear red on Tuesdays. If it is not possible to wear red, carry red colour flowers to yield good luck for the day. Before leaving the house on Tuesdays, have a bite of coriander in any form.

      • Tips for Wednesdays –

Lord Vishnu rules Wednesday. This is the perfect day for love and romance. All journeys on Wednesday mornings are very likely to be successful. Green is the colour of Wednesday. Even the Best astrologer in Delhi suggests followers to wear green on Wednesday. A tired and tested way to fetch good luck on Wednesdays is to having some sweet before leaving your house. Eating beans and gota (whole) mungdal is even more powerful way to ensure good luck.

      • Tips for Thursdays -

Thursday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi. This is also considered as the best day of the week by the Top Astrologer in Delhi. This is the perfect day to visit temples and seek divine blessings. Off white or yellow is the colour of Thursday. So you can wear yellow or off-white dress, or at least keep flowers of these colours at your home or office. Avoid eating papaya, rice with ghee and arhar dal on Thursdays.

      • Tips for Fridays –

The ruler of Friday is Bhubaneswari Devi. Fridays are best to buy cars, jewelry, precious gems of a new home. This is also a good day to start getting treatment for serious medical conditions. Wearing light blue or white dress can make Fridays more favourable. Having some yogurt (dahi) before leaving the house would go just great.

      • Tips for Saturdays –

The ruler of the day is Lord Shani. Seeking his blessings on Saturdays is the best way to get rid the problems of your life. Eating grilled black brinjal is a good way to get lucky on Saturdays. Eat ghee before leaving the house on this day.

      • Tips for Sundays –

Sunday is ruled by Surya. This is the best day to resolve previous disputes. Journeys undertaken on Sunday give pleasing results. Shifting houses would go fine on Sundays. Wearing pink or maroon on Sundays may give you good results. Eat paan before leaving the house on Sundays.

So these are some quick yet fruitful tips to be followed accordingly on different days of the week.


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