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Top Vastu Tips from the Best Astrologer in India to Build Your House!

Vastu Shastra Tips by Best Astrologer in India

Have you been planning to construct a new house? Are you on the lookout for ways to ensure that your family leads a harmonious life with the surroundings of your property? Still wondering how to lead a peaceful and prosperous life in your new home? Trust us; nothing can be more beneficial than building a house in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra!

When it comes to construction, the significance of good structures and foundations are known to all. While architecture deals with technical aspects, Vastu Shastra relates to prosperity, the universe, peace and happiness of the inhabitants. By following certain construction rules, Vastu Shastra promises to harness the natural positive energies surroundings the dwellers. What’s more, people who construct properties in compliance with Vastu principles even enjoy amazing results!

Read on then to find out the useful tips shared by leading astrologers for designing a new house!

Vastu Tips to Design Your Living Room From The Best Astrologer In India

No matter what kind of houses you are planning to construct, living rooms are a significant part of every home. A great astrologer in India believes that living rooms serve dual functions since this is the area where you entertain your guests and even spend quality time with your family. Some Vastu concepts you can follow while designing your living room are-

  • Front Facing Living Area

If your living area is front-facing, the north should be your most significant direction since this is the area which enjoys maximum benefits. However, if you have a south or west facing house, ensure that you build a living room in the back or side.

  • Seating

The house owner should always face either the east or the north direction while sitting in his living room. Both the visitors and the other members of the house should either sit beside the house owner or opposite to him.

  • Doors

Unlike other rooms, doors in the living room are not restricted by their numbers but the places. It is always fruitful to keep your main entrance in the north direction since this is the route which has got the maximum magnetic control.

  • Flooring

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, as compared to other rooms, your living room should always be at the lower level. This will offer a good sense to your family when compared to your visitors and guests.

Tips To Build Your Bedroom According To Vastu Shastra

The best astrologer in India suggests homeowners should pay enough attention to their bedroom, while trying to boost harmony with nature. Being an intimate spot of your entire house, it’s important to maintain the optimal situation of your bedroom. It is here that some essential Vastu tips must be followed for achieving the best results. These include-

  • Door

Ensure that the door to your bedroom opens at least up to 90 degrees. This is important because you are permitting maximum chances into your life. Further, check if the door is made up of a solid and strong material.

  • Get Rid Of Clutter

You must ensure that your bedroom is free from clutter and has enough space for movement. Clutter within the wardrobe and under the beds is considered to be a bad sign in Vastu Shastra and you must avoid it any cost.

  • Sleep By Pointing To The South

While sleeping, ensure that your head always points to the south. Since the North has magnetic energy, it excites your blood. Thus, it is always better to avoid the northern direction since it can ruin your sleep.

  • Avoid Sharp Corners

According to Vastu Shastra principles, you should never sleep directly in line with any sharp corners. This is because sharp corners take away the calmness and serenity from your life, making you more tensed. This hampers the chance of your success.

Tips To Design Your Kitchen as Per The Principles Vastu Shastra

To design your kitchen in compliance with the principles of Vastu Shastra, you must follow concepts like-

    1. It is always wise to have the kitchen built in the south-east corner of the house.
    2. Use colours like blue, red, green and yellow for your kitchen to ensure your good health.
    3. Place your gas and exhaust fan in the south-eastern corner of your room.
    4. Place your electric appliances like microwave oven and mixer in the southern area since this is the element of fire.

So what are you still for? Find a reputed astrologer in your area and seek her advice for a prosperous and peaceful life!


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