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Useful Astrologer Tips By The Best Astrologer In Mumbai For Pregnant Woman

Though the services rendered by a gynaecologist are useful for every pregnant woman to stay healthy, mental satisfaction is also necessary if you want to conceive a baby who is healthy and bright. Every parent wants their child to be born in good physical condition and so certain precautions are necessary.

One who can help you attain complete peace of mind is an astrologer. They believe that each month of your pregnancy is ruled by a specific planet and only the best astrologer can ensure that the position of the planet is in your favour.  The best is to seek their guidance during your pregnancy so that they can use their experience to make the necessary changes in your planetary positions.Top Astrologer in Pune

Few Vital Planets And How They Impact Your Well-Being During Pregnancy

  • Venus

Staying away from every sort of difficulties during your pregnancy will be possible only if the position of Venus is in your favour during the first month. Everything in your house should be in order and clean if you are willing to avoid troubles. Ask your husband to accompany you while you clean a sacred place in your house, like the puja room.

  • Mars

Unless the position of Mars is in your favour during the second month, you can’t stay assured of having a child who is both brave and bold. Every Top Astrologer in Pune will assert that the best you can do is to stay away from every sort of red clothing and flaunt a copper bracelet on your right hand.

  • Jupiter

The position of Jupiter is quite important during the third month as it determines whether your child will be obedient, clever, sharp and have beautiful skin. Jupiter’s position can be made in your favour by reading anything related to literature or science on a regular basis. Make sure not to use much haldi in your food and put a tilak on your forehead made of white sandalwood and kesar.

  • Sun

The 4th month of your pregnancy depends on the position of the Sun. Ensure to use copper glass while drinking water and stay away from any sort of acidic food. Sit before the rising sun and practice Gayatri Mantra every morning and it will have a positive impact on your child.

  • Moon

Astrologers believe that it is during the fifth month when the position of the Moon will impact your pregnancy. It is the father who should now undertake the responsibility of making himself better if he wants the child to be like him. The mother should drink water from a glass made of silver and flaunt a silver ring on her middle finger.

  • Saturn

The position of Saturn should be good during the sixth month as the best astrologer in Mumbai believes that Shani is indeed a quite powerful planet. Discussing any subject related to science and society is beneficial for the mother and the child. The mother should buy a silver bracelet and wear it on her right hand. Chanting “Om Nama Shivaya” mantra and having juicy fruits is also beneficial.

  • Mercury

If the position of Mercury is in your favour, you can stay assured that the child will be proactive and won’t have to face any sort of mental problem. If your astrologer feels that the Mercury’s position is feeble, they will suggest you to solve more Mathematical problems, practice Om Japa and stop wearing any sort of iron jewellery.

  • The Last Month

Since the ninth month is the last month before the child is born, both you and the father need to stay careful. Spend your time solving mathematical problems and chant Shiv Mantras with your husband. Avoid wearing anything in dark shades or flaunt silver jewellery.

Since you are now aware of the few vital planets and how they impact your well-being during pregnancy, it’s time you start looking for a reliable astrologer offering their services in Mumbai and Pune.


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