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Vastu Tips From the Best Astrologer In India For Academic Success

Vastu Tips by Best Astrologer in India

Worried about your child’s academic performance? Is the child unable to obtain good marks in spite of studying hard? Fret not. With leading astrologers by your side, scoring marks as per your expectations is no longer a hassle. All you need to do is follow the Vastu tips and achieve academic success!

No matter whether your child tends to forget everything or gets nervous after entering the examination hall, there easy techniques to overcome them. Experts believe that Vastu Shastra lays down some easy practices for students which enable them to perform well and even concentrate better.

Have a look below to know more about these useful Vastu tips!

Best Astrologer In India: 5 Vastu Tips To Achieve Academic Success

Best Astrologer Tips for Academic Success

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1. Choose eastern or northern direction
While studying, choose a room which is in the northern or eastern direction. For reaping beneficial results, ensure that the doors and windows of the room are at northern or eastern direction. Even when your child sits down to study, ask him/her to face either eastern or northern direction.

2. Study table should be away from the wall
Ensure that your child’s study table is away from the walls. Further, no door should be there behind him/her. This will prevent any source of obstruction around him. Try to have an open space in front of the table so that the child is encouraged to have new ideas and approach.

3. Avoid sitting under a beam
Is there a beam in the room where your child studies? The best astrologer in India believes that a student should never sit under a beam while studying. Either shift the beam to some other room or add a false ceiling.

4. Have bright lights
The ambiance that your child studies in, affects his studies to a great extent. Have some bright lights in the room and ensure that they are not too harsh for your child’s eyes. Place the light on his left to boost his concentration.

5. Avoid dull colours
Eminent astrologers suggest parents to choose bright and vibrant colours to have positive energy around their children. Dull and dark colours should be avoided as much as possible. You can choose colours like- light green, light blue, pink, etc.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly avail the guidance of leading astrologers and ensure your child’s academic success!


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