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Vastu Tips Offered by the Famous Astrologer in India for a Healthy You

Vaastu TipsHealth forms to be an integral part of your everyday life. Be it physical health or the mental health, only when you are completely fit, can you live your life to the fullest. While it’s true that you need to consume the right food with enough intake of water, there are various other aspects which should be ensured for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it’s your workplace or home, you need to strike a balance so that there is enough flow of positive energy leaving the negative energy subdued. It is here that a leading astrologer in India believes ‘Vastu Shastra’ to be the saviour. Are you wondering how this can help you? Scroll down to get your answers then!

Astrologer in India: Vastu Tips for a healthy life!

1. Put on Lord Hanuman’s image

Vastu Tips by Astrologer - Lord Hanuman

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman is the protector of human health. Place an image of Lord Hanuman towards the south direction in your house. This will ensure good health.

2. Right Sleeping Position

Astrologer Tips on Vastu- Sleeping Position

Did you know that the way you sleep has an effect on your health? Well, a great astrologer in India suggests that while sleeping, your head should be faced towards the south. Further, if you have a combination of ‘Kapha’ and ‘Vata’, you should sleep on your left side. However, if you have ‘Pita’, you need to sleep on the right.

3. Let positive energy flow freely

Astrologer India Advice - Energy Flow

The centre of your home is the ‘Brahmasthan’. This needs to be kept empty so that there is flow of positive energy in your house. The centre of your house should be devoid of any furniture which can act as an obstruction.

4. Check your overhead beams

Indian Astrologer Tips: Overhead Beam

As mentioned earlier, the centre of your house plays an important role in your health. Ensure that there are no overhead beams in the centre. Further, these can even block positive communication in your mind.

Some Other Vital Vastu Tips for Your Health by Famous Astrologer

5. Emphasise on your house and house gate

Astrologer India Tips: House Gate

A famous astrologer in India believes that house gates should promote good health for its residents. Check that the wall surrounding the boundary of your house is of similar height to that of the house gate. You can even grow citrus fruits on the sides of your gate.

6. Be careful with your staircases

Astrologer Advice about Staircase

Install staircases only in the corners of your house. This is because a staircase in the middle can lead to various major health issues.

7. Keep Reiki crystals

Astrologer Advice to Keep Reiki CrystalsTo strengthen and enhance positive energy, you can keep Reiki crystals in the Brahmasthan of your house. This will keep your home energized at all times!

8. Light a candle!

Astrologer Advice on Vastu - Light Candle In the south-east direction of your home, light a candle every day. This will be the symbol of illumination in your house. Depending upon the colour of your candle, it will have positive effect in your life.

Want to know more for your good health? Quickly get in touch with a leading astrologer, then. Time to lead a healthy life!


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