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Zodiac Signals – Part 2: How to Identify People Belonging to the Air Sign

Okay, we were talking about how to recognise people based on their zodiac signs. Till now, we have discussed the Fire Signs. In this article we shall talk about the Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

So, let the discussion begin!

Gemini, the Twins:

GeminiImagine will-o’-the-wisp, which appears now and disappears the next moment. Imagine it’s making you feel off-balance. You might even believe you’re diplopic. Relax, you have encountered a Gemini.

This person’s personality is like a coin – it always has two very distinct sides. Of course, you can never really make out which side is real. Is his behaviour toward you of love? Is it of hatred? Is he happy? Is he sad? Is he intelligent? Or is he mad? Well, you can never figure it out.

His mood swings are interesting. His mind is like a liquid light show that hypnotises you and puts you into an illusion, kind of, making it hard to tell it from reality. Just when you thought the lights are approaching each other, they move apart!

He in an indecisive soul; he’s quick at changing jobs, shifting homes, altering opinions, and even changing his mind about who should be his ideal life partner. Spotting him in public is difficult because of his versatility. He can never make up his mind about anything. Now he is here and now he is not.

The best location should be a bookstore. A Gemini should be the one rapidly skip to the last page of books. He’s fast and likes to consume everything ‘in brief.’ Ask him to read a long article and he will almost faint in boredom. He is what everyone knows as the ‘TL;DR guy.’

He is always anxious and nervous. He has what is known as a ‘quicksilver personality.’ He brims with energy and is a fast talker. His posture is slender, and he is nimble-footed. A Gemini usually has a height taller than the average. Sharp features and a high forehead are his characteristics, and he may possess bright, hazel, grey, blue, or green eyes.

In fact, his eyes are the best way to spot him. They are ever moving and never seem to settle in one place for more than a few seconds. Also, although he has a pale complexion, his skin gets tanned very easily. His look is timeless.

Libra, the Scales:


Librans are peace lovers; they hate to be in the crowd. They are gentle and avoid rudeness at all costs. Often, they act as the mediators, fixing up quarrels and helping people come to amicable settlements.

Despite this, it is interesting to note that Librans themselves involve in arguments. A lot. Yes, they are good at heart and very friendly. But, force them to take orders, and they never would. Instead, they will sulk and sit back bittering about your ‘rudeness’ toward them.

A Libran’s intelligence is very prominent from his actions. He is a balance of everything – he’s a very good listener as well as a debater. He is always in a hurry, but never rushes. He is a confusing personality. But, his inconsistency is very different from the Gemini.

His life is like the scales – one side gets heavier and the other side has to be filled with something to bring the balance. It is full of highs and lows, ups and downs. In half the entire twenty four hours of a day, the Libran in busy being sweet and charming. And, in the other half, he is indulging in annoyance, stubbornness, and confusion. Finally, at the end of the day, he sleeps.

There’s nothing distinct about his physical appearance. Of course, he may have a hidden feature of a Venus dimple. And, this won’t be very easy to find. Additionally, there can be a dimple or two in the cheeks and chin as well. If you don’t see these, check his knees; you’ll surely find one.

Librans have pleasant appearances. Their faces never pronounce anger. They have voices and that clear and shrill. Their lips are shaped like a bow, and their smile is soft. Their hair is curly and their physique usually devoid of fat.

An interesting thing about Librans is that they believe they are not indecisive (which they are!). According to them, the wave in the scales is not important, the stability that results eventually, is. And, they will stand by this opinion till their last breath.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer:

AquariusHe is a realist; he has the ability to accept things as they are. However, his actions are always the ones most unexpected. He has a habit of going against the established norms, of flouting opinions, and making the most startling statements in public ever. The Water Bearer likes shocking people; he finds great peace by doing this.

He dresses regardless of occasions. He may walk into a corporate party in sandals, or attend a friend’s daughter’s birthday in boots, or even walk barefooted if he wishes to. Let the world jeer, mock and laugh. He is unconventional, and he is proud of his nature.

He believes in maintaining relationships forever. He is the person who would ‘still want to be friends’ post a bad breakup. He is not worn-out. Neither is he exhilarated. And, just when you thought he has paid you least attention, he may be analysing you silently.

Aquarians like to be in the political limelight. Look into their eyes – you’ll notice they are dreamy, and often green, blue, or grey. They have silky hair and a very pale complexion. Their faces bear sharp, chiseled features. The males often have feminine characteristics and vice versa.

The Water Bearer has a great sense of humour and is usually a narcissist. He is independent, original, compassionate, and gentle. But, he detests loneliness and finds himself safe in the crowd, unlike the Libran. He is curious, practical, and eccentric, all at the same time. And, he has an amazing gift of calming down people, especially children.


The Zodiac signals for the Air Signs say the people born under them know how to make their lives worth living. However, the element fills the gap between the life they are living and the one they are observing. Often, this leads to detachment and aloofness.

However, because Air rules them, they are born extremely flexible. They have an incredible ability to paint their lives in all the colours of the rainbow. And, their curiosity keeps the flame ablaze.

Well, that’s all for the Air Signs. We will come back with the Water Signs in the next instalment. Till then, shine on!


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