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What Great Astrologers Can Say About You by The Vowels In Your Name?

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Ever came across the term soul urge or heart’s desire? Astrologers in India studying numerology believe that the vowels in your birth name can say a lot about you. This is known as soul urge. Though, its importance is much less as compared to your destiny (determined by your full name) and lifepath (determined by your birth date).

All you need to do is add up the vowels in your full name as specified in your birth certificate. Keep adding up the numbers unless to transform it into a single number. This number is exactly your soul urge number.

The Vowels and Their Value are Stated Below

Vowels Say About You


A = 1

U = 3

E and W = 5

O = 6

Y = 7

I = 9

Your Vowel Number And What They Say About You

  • Soul Urge 1

Succeeding in any competition fills you with contentment. You love the sense of becoming a winner. You feel winning will make people accept and appreciate you.

  • Soul Urge 2

Your inner soul is always in search of harmony and love. You prefer solving the issues in your life through diplomacy and medication as doing so offers you a sense of achievement.

  • Soul Urge 3

Engaging yourselves in creative ventures fills your mind with contentment. You feel good showcasing your written or verbal talents to enhance your status in your surroundings.

  • Soul Urge 4

You gain a sense of security if your financial condition and professional life are stable. You feel nice when others appreciate you for your expertise and knowledge.

  • Soul Urge 5

You possess the willingness to have total control over your life affairs. You feel happy if you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. You prefer experiencing life in a boundless fashion.

  • Soul Urge 6

Every great astrologer in India using numerology believes that anyone having the soul urge number 6 have the need to get appreciated and acknowledged. You feel happy if your family, friends, and colleagues are looking after you.

  • Soul Urge 7

You appreciate nature from your childhood and the wonders of the world leave you in awe. You simply love spending time with yourself as it helps you seek wisdom.

  • Soul Urge 8

Your complete focus is always on gaining authority and power. Having financial freedom offers you much happiness and so does a secure job or established business.

  • Soul Urge 9

You feel happy if you can do something to benefit others. There is a will in you to do something which can make a difference to the world.

Advantage Of Knowing Your Soul Urge Number?

Knowing one’s soul urge number is vital for those willing to know what exactly drive them in their daily life. Unless you satisfy your soul urge, achieving contentment or inner peace might become a daunting task. You don’t generally expose your soul urge to others surrounding you as it represents and says a lot about your likes, dislikes, inner cravings, and matters you generally prefer to keep personal.


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