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How Does Astrology Benefit Human Life?

The importance of astrology cannot be cast aside. Here is how this fascinating science can benefit human life:

  • Detect your strength and weaknesses.

  • An individual’s birth chart is governed by the maxim 'as above, so below.' It contains all the combinations of the celestial bodies, zodiac signs, their degrees and the houses needed to decipher every single situation in the person’s life. If you can muster the art of analysing horoscopes, you can study your latent strong points and shortcomings. You can work on them and plan your future accordingly. Horoscopes are not for revealing your future. Instead, they help you design your future. And astrology is very much a scientific way of doing it. Everything in it is logical, explainable, and open to testing – just what science demands.

  • Define your career and profession.

  • Say you are presently pursuing a career in science only out of compulsion. You are not interested in the subject, and really looking forward to changing it. Here comes in astrology. It will tell you which subject would suit you most. For instance, if your natal chart shows a strong influence of the planet Venus, you could be wasting time in studying science when your future seems bright in the field of arts. Of course, this would be a relative analysis. The other planets, zodiacs, and houses should be considered as well. Furthermore, a disinterest in science could possibly be because of a heavy impact of Saturn – the planet that delays. You just have to find out the glitch.

  • Find the right time for the right action.

  • Astrology is largely composed of astronomy and horology. It is the study of the celestial bodies as well as time. If your natal chart is analysed to the core, it can accurately point out what’s likely to happen when. This should not be confused with future-telling, because the future is dynamic and much dependent on your karma. Still and all, horoscope analysis through astrology can help you ascertain the auspicious time for important life events like marriage, buying your first home or car, home warming, conceiving a child, starting a business, indulging in a partnership, switching a job, and more.

  • Correct your karma.

  • Astrologers can reveal the reasons for certain activities in your life. In most cases, it is the pull of your karma – past, present, and future. Whatever you have done is a cause of your past karma. Whatever you are doing will determine your future karma. It’s a cyclic process and you are a dynamic entity in it. Via astrology, you can determine which present karma would null the effect of a past karma. As your future karma heads towards a low intensity, you would be taking your steps to moksha – the ultimate emancipation.

  • Change your outlook towards life.

  • Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, your natal chart is not subject to your belief. It exists and always will, even if it has not been put in writing yet. It is independent of what you think of it; the celestial bodies and the zodiacs will still continue to influence you. However, if you choose to invest your faith in it, it will invite new opinions in your life. Via astrology, your natal chart will explain your existence and experiences. It will help you sooth down your relationships with fellow human beings and bring in happiness and health. Because you learn of your weaknesses and limitations, you will be delivered of states like greed, desire, and envy. Rather than trying to manipulate situations according to your vested interest, you will learn how to comply with your present and make the most of it. In short, you will learn the art of leading a content life.

  • Settle on life goals and directions.

  • Say, you seek astronomical knowledge to know whether you are going to get rich someday. A mundane human psychology is to hope for hidden treasures or hitting a jackpot. These chances are not rare, but they do not define conventional means. Astrology can never tell you if you are going to win a lottery and get rich. It does not talk about the fruit, but the seed. The science will show you how to work your way to becoming wealthy. It helps you decide life goals and guides you with proper directions. It is unfair to expect the unusual from it. It will show you the prospects, not the result. The planets do influence you, but never against your will.

  • Dismiss unproductive behaviour and self-destruction tendency.

  • Astrology uplifts the humanity residing within you. If you are unproductive, it will show you where the hindrance is. If you are walking on the path of self-destruction, it will warn you against your deeds. You see, the planetary combinations give you a chance to fix things and set yourself on the right path. Undoubtedly, it benefits your mortal life in the truest sense; it helps you help yourself.

  • Strengthen your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • When you are surrounded by positive energy, your thought process becomes clear automatically. This is the power astrology gives you. It helps you maintain a fearless mind and offers courage. This, in turn, helps you with decision-making and problem solving. It makes you more intuitive and you observe how the most obvious opinions are not always the best opinions. You develop the ability to analyse problems to their core and come up with unconventional solutions. Your imagination is set free and so is your spirit.

Every human being on this earth is born for a reason. Astrology helps you realise this very reason and carry forward your life for the good sake of yourself and your fellow beings. Most importantly, it teaches you how time influences every moment in your life and how to make the most of it. To believe or not to believe, however, is up to you.

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