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Karma: What Goes Around, Comes Around

There is a popular idiom in English, which reads, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ The concept of Karma is somewhat similar. We can relate it to Newton’s third law of motion as well – ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ It is governed by the moral causation of an individual and the people who are associated with him. Your life is nothing but a living mass of energy. It feeds on your deeds and grows. When a life ends on Earth, this energy is transformed into another form and continues to grow. In short, your life is karmic; it is ruled by causes. It is like an echo, which comes back to you. Karma can answer the following questions in your life:

  • Why no two persons possess similar fate?
  • Why there is a sense of inequality always prevailing among mankind?
  • Why does one person relish in the lap of luxury while another suffers on the streets?
  • Why are people categorised as the rich and the poor?
  • Why do some people suffer more than others do?
  • Why do people die at different times of their lives?
  • Why makes a person wise and another a fool?
  • Why are some people saints while others criminals?
  • Why one person is interested in science, another in arts, and still another in nothing?

What Is The Law Of Karma?

An individual alone is responsible for this own deeds; they determine the fate of his past, present, and future. Also, a person must face everything that happens to him, irrespective of how bad or good it is. This is because whatever is happening is very much deserved by the person. It is the law of the cosmos, which is unshakable and unbreakable. If you are the cause of your happiness, your sorrow is your doing as well. Your experiences are defined by your karma; your present is an effect of your past, which is going to cause your future. It is not rigid; you can change it as per your karma. Life will give you all the chances; you just need to grab them. Of course, karma is dynamic. However, you can put an end to the cycle with the right deed.

What Is The Law Of Karma?

  • Sanchita Karma – your accumulated deeds over the time.
  • Prarabdha Karma – your deeds in this life.
  • Kriyamana Karma – your deeds in the future determined by your past and present.

Think about Sanchita Karma as a warehouse. It holds all your actions of the past awaiting fruition. It is full of information about the deeds and is an energetic entity. However, products from a warehouse need to go to a retail shop. So, your karma from the Sanchita state is taken to the Prarabdha state where it enters the current cycle. Thus, Prarabdha Karma determines your present actions and their outcome. Lastly, after the use of the product, you must recycle it. Kriyamana Karma, offers this recycle unit, where the results of your present deeds will contribute to determining your life in the future. The cycle continues and Kriyamana turns into Sanchita for your next life. You keep on reincarnating unless your karmas are nullified and you have attained Moksha.

How Does Your Karma Influence Others?

It is easier to think that when a body dies, it is the end of it; there is nothing left behind. However, this is a very complicated matter. It is your mundane body that dies; your soul is still attached to the many memories it created. There will always be something or the other left behind when a person dies. It is wrong to think the world gave you nothing or you gave nothing to the world. There will be happiness, sorrow, contentment, regrets, love, hatred, compassion and anger all infused into your soul. It will come back to fulfil the unfulfilled. Let’s explain this in detail. Say you are associated with a person you dislike.

Say, his words have hurt you at some point in time and you cannot simply get over it. However, for the sake of courtesy, you smile when you meet him, although unwillingly. This has automatically redirected to bad karma shared by you and the other person. If it is not settled in this very life, it will continue until it has been nullified by a good karma. Take another example. Say, you have done something good for a certain person and the latter is very grateful to you. If your debt is not settled in this lifetime, both of you will reincarnate and associate again to nullify the effect of the cause. Karmic influences can be described as a clock with an intricate setup of cogs. One moves, and others move with it. One stops and the cycle stops as well. No one can be happy or sorrow at no one’s expense.

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