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Monthly Prediction: November

Aquarius – November

A majority of your time will be spent on dealing with your professional issues as your House of Career is currently more dominant. Trying to add more influential people in your social network? This is the ideal month to do so. With most of the planets shifting to the western side of your horoscope, try to utilise this month on estimating your goals in life. The financial status of Aquarians will be quite challenging this month. The position of the planets will change in the latter half of this month so your financial condition will be showing drastic improvement.


If you are a student of engineering, law, or medical field, there’s nothing to worry about as far as your education is concerned. Stay assured of doing fairly well with a little effort.


Travelling for business purposes will prove beneficial for businessmen as there are high chances for them to crack good deals. Opting for an eastward trip can enhance your profit margin further.


Your social life will be really hectic as you will be spending more time in enlarging your social circle. This is the ideal month for married couples to plan for a child.


Until 22nd November your health condition will be delicate so take extra care. It is advisable to conserve your energy for vital tasks than wasting them.




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