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Monthly Prediction: November

Aries – November

More than 70% of your planets will be shifting to the upper hemisphere of your horoscope, so your House of Career will become more dominant than your House of Family. So, if you are facing any domestic issue, this month isn’t the ideal time to deal with it. Your success might become the reason behind the happiness of your family members. Try to take independent action instead of depending on others. November isn’t a fruitful month for Aries, as far as their financial prospects are concerned. Any pending financial dispute should be deferred to a later date.


Stay mentally prepared to do a lot of extra studies if you are willing to achieve the desired results. Instead of being self-assertive, try to absorb new skills.


Professionally this is an excellent month for every Aries. Those who are unemployed and seeking for jobs, you will be getting numerous job offers.


Your contact with socially powerful or influential people will get stronger this month. Your love life will thrive in a professional environment.


The position of the Sun will fill you with extraordinary vitality. Even the configuration of the stars is completely in your favour so you will be capable of staying away from any major health issue.




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