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Monthly Prediction: April

Pisces Forecast - April

April is a big month for your personal image, career or life path goals, and relationships, dear Pisces. Relationship is an area of greatest challenges and opportunity this month. Using your personality and personal influence to advance your interests can be especially effective in April. Don't shy away from attention. Venus will give you a helping hand from the 12th forward as it moves into your sign, reminding you that you are really quite wonderful, and framing you well in others' eyes as well.This is a month of "who you know" benefits, and some of you could be benefiting from friends in high places or simply connections that help move goals forward. The power of connections shouldn't be underestimated this month. It's a strong time for advances in business goals, although there can be some costs involved, or challenges between a partner and career. People seem to be helping you out, but there is a price to pay in some way. A partner may be both a facilitator and obstructor with goals and career - it's complicated! A relationship may be demanding at times but contributing to a growth and learning process. Mutually beneficial connections can be made, and networking can be rewarding. Some of you could meet a partner through your work or group associations. A partner or special friend can inspire or motivate you to pursue a dream or to work up to your potential.


Students will able to clear the examination with good marks going forward.


It is not a good time to change your job. Be careful while dealing with your clients.


The relationship with your spouse is going to be very normal.


If you suffering from any disease, you would start seeing good recovery.




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