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Monthly Prediction: November

Sagittarius– November

Family and emotional aspects will be dominating over professional matters now. Try establishing peace in your family and consider stability in your life. You are free from adapting to other situations as you have the right self-confidence. Due to inauspicious planetary movements, you have to work hard to earn the same sum of salary or profits. Study financial projects thoroughly before proceeding with them.


The stars are not going to impart any positive influence on your educational pursuits. Thus, you have to go through numerous hurdles and in such a situation; you may face difficulty in developing necessary skills.


Your career planet is not in a favourable position at the moment. Your professional aspects can even get spoiled due to sudden conflicts with your superiors and colleagues. Instead of relying on your contacts, believe in your own skills and potentialities.


Your love life gets complicated in November. You will get several opportunities to form romantic partnerships till 19th. This is the right time for married couples to start family planning.


Be assured, November is going to have a spell of good health for you. Recuperation is going to be a slow process and thus you should treat every ailment with utmost care.




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