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Monthly Prediction: April

Sagittarius Forecast - April

April is strong for discovering better ways to manage the work-life balance, dear Sagittarius, although you could feel pulled in a number of different directions in the process. your desires, attractions, and personal plans. You are in take-charge mode, ready to take on a challenge, and willing to put yourself out in order to get where you want to go. This is also a strong time for attracting romantic and creative attention. Your personal presence is powerful now. You get a nice boost to your natural confidence and spontaneity, and your relationships are energized. You may be wrestling with some inner conflicts between the need to feel secure and rooted and a strong desire to take risks at times, however. If you are filling up your life too full of projects, even if they are thoroughly exciting, you’ll end up feeling too burdened or overwhelmed. You might also feel a little alienated personally if people seem to be focusing on what you can do for them rather than for who you are.


You will perform well on your studies and will earn good marks in your exams.


Start exploring new opportunities. Your new job offer will come at the end of this month.


The problems with your partner and other family members will come down and you will start leading happy life.


You will have very good immunity. Hence you will get tired and feel weakness.




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