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“All About Rudraksh”

The word Rudraksha came from Hinduism. It is a stone that is made from the seed of Eliocarpus ganitus tree. It is one of the important things for spiritual people. The actual meaning of Rudraksha is the eye of God Rudra also known as Shiva is regarded as the powerful sign of the cosmic force. Rudraksha is the entity of reverence and also the way to attain wisdom.

Rudraksha Bead Types

Since ancient times, the supremacy of sacred Rudraksha beads have been found in numerous religious books, such as, Mantramaharnava, ShivmahaPurana, Rudrakshajabalopnishad, Shreemaddevibhagwat, and few more. There are various types of Rudraksha Beads, but generally 1 to 14 faced beads are suggested for astrological reasons. According to astrologers, wearing Rudraksha beads is very beneficial to beat any kind of difficulties and impediments in life which is usually caused by the planets. Additionally, it also protects one from various diseases as it has healing properties. The most popular rudraksha beads are found in Nepal.

Wearing Rudraksha beads induces power in the human body, which improves overall health as well as eradicates blood impurities and fortifies the body constitutions. It is very advantageous to cure headache, cardiovascular diseases, maternity problems and paralysis. Hence, Rudraksha provides endless health benefits as well as helps in receiving spiritual success.

Type of Rudraksha Beads with images :

Gems Stone :

The most important gemstones related with certain planets are known as “Nava Ratna” or nine gems. Special nine types of gemstones joined in one locket as per the ancient Indian traditions works effectively to remove all kinds of problems, such as, family life, business, health and job.


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