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Vastu Shastra

Within the concrete walls of a house resides a home. You create it with many wishes and nurture it with love. You build a family that shares happiness and sorrow, good health and bad. Your first step in your house is a celebration. We call it ‘Griha Pravesh.’ It’s a significant event for your ménage; this is why you need to perform certain rituals to invite auspiciousness and good omen. And, the story does not end here. To urge prosperity to stay forever, your house’s architecture and interior design need to comply with some strong scientific aspects. Together, all this comprises Vastu Shashtra – the art and science of setting up a livable home. No, it’s not a modern field; it has been in India since ancient times.

The science is based on the integration of nature with architecture, and their relative effects on different corners of the concrete structure in response to the four primary directions – north, east, west, and south. Vastu Shastra also takes into account the vital elements – fire, air, water, and earth. It mostly talks about which property of what shape should be placed in which direction. The motive is to bring about a sense of balance everywhere, so that positive energy flows uninterrupted and negative energy is subdued. Vastu Shastra can invite harmony, prosperity, wealth, and good health into the lives of those who follow it.

Remedies For A Vastu-Compliant Home:

  • Laying the foundation of the house.

  • Make sure the blueprint of your house is such that the construction faces either the North or the East. The use of land should be more towards these directions than the West and the South. The first brick should be laid in the Northeast corner or in the centre of the construction. The digging should commence in the Northwest corner. The foundation of your house should be laid in the Southwest corner. If you are raising walls, make sure they are higher and thicker towards the South and West than in the North and East. The kitchen of your residence should face the Southeast, the dining room in the West, and bedrooms in the South and West. Bathrooms can face the Southeast and Northwest. All doors should face the eastern direction. Doors, except those in the kitchen and bathroom should always open inward.

  • Placing the accessories in and around your house:

  • If you want to set up a small temple within your home, place it in the Northeast direction. If you want to install a swimming pool in your house, let it be on the Northeast side. Same goes for any kind of pit dug or plumbing activities undertaken. The sink in the kitchen should be to the left of the cooking surface. If you want to install any kind of mirror in the house, place it anywhere, but in the South and West. Pet shelters should be built in the Northwest direction. If you are into rainwater harvesting, collect it from the South and let it fall on the North or from the West to the East. All storage spaces should face the South or West directions.

    Never place a bed beneath a beam. Also, if the bed has a headboard, remember to place it in the South or West. The toilet seat in your bathroom should be towards the North-South direction; avoid installing it in the West-East direction. If you have staircases, make sure they are towards the South, West, or Southwest directions. Staircases can be in the North and East directions only when they are made of wood. Water tanks should be placed in the Southwest if they are overhead. Never place the tank without placing a base plate beneath it. A basement should be constructed towards the North or East, and an attic towards the South or West. Trees in your garden should be on the South or West only.

  • Colouring your house:

  • Every colour depicts a form of energy and directly impacts the Vastu of your home. So, you should be careful while using colours. Paint the walls of your bedroom in blue or pink shades. These colours are peaceful and create a romantic aura. Similarly, the kitchen and dining area should be painted in orange hues as it instills hunger. Living rooms can have shades of white and cream. These are relaxing colours and just right to start a conversation. If you have a study room, keep it green. This colour helps in absorbing knowledge with more ease. Never use any dark colour in the bathrooms. Also, if you have a temple within your house, coat it in absolute white.

  • Preparing your house:

  • This should be done prior to entering the house or using it. The process of construction of a house witnesses a number of negative activities like digging, blasting, burrowing, bulldozing, and levelling the ground; drilling, hammering, welding, and cutting of the materials, and a lot of other machinery actions. In the course of time, these activities lead to an accumulation of negative energies within the space. The Vastu Shanti ceremony (puja) is done so as to purify the structure and deliver it of all evils. The rituals done during the ceremony help in dismissing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. The puja demands that any kind of cooking, sleeping, or using the toilet of the house should be avoided before it is performed. Also, the date for the ceremony should be decided according to its auspiciousness.

    After the ceremony is over, milk should be boiled in the kitchen until it overflows. This milk should then be used to prepare a sweet dish for the entire family to relish. Also, camphor should be burned in the kitchen area. Please note that the puja can be performed for an existing building as well, despite the fact that the space has been already used.

  • Using your house as per Vastu rules.

  • Your house is now ready for use. Follow this simple tips: While preparing food in the kitchen, always face the East. If this is not feasible, the Western direction is compliant as well. However, positively, do not use the Southern directing while cooking. Any kind of purchases or business transactions does within your home (including online shopping) should be done facing the Northeast direction. This is also the corner for studying. Place a bowlful of sea-salt in the bathroom to keep the evil away. You must not read newspapers or make crucial decisions within this area as it is likely to be full of negative energy. In the bedroom, always sleep with your head towards the South. There should not be any electrical devices running in this space. Also, never place or watch TV in your dining room, especially while taking food.

Follow these simple tips to lead a happy life. Vastu Shastra has evolved over the years. If observed judiciously, it will surely invite peace and prosperity in your home.

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