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What is Astrology?

You have all heard of it. However, for a layman, astrology can be quite confusing and intriguing. Where to begin? How to get into the depth of this profound knowledge? How to use it for your own good? Let's get started.

The roots of astrology in India have existed from ancient times. It is perhaps the most widely used medium to predict the future. A globally quested after science, astrology has touched the lives of all at some point in time or the other. It gives an insight into how the cosmos is ruling our existence and the wellspring of energies are synchronising our actions. Overall, it's a fascinating study of the planets and how their motion determines our past, present, and future. The reality of our physical and spiritual being – all lies packed within the realms of astrology.

Know The Nine Planets That Define Astrology

1. The Sun

It is the centre of the solar system and the very symbol of life. It won’t be wrong if we say the Sun in the ultimate ruler of all the planets. It also causes the four elements of nature – fire, water, earth, and air. Its fierceness is within every individual; it is also responsible for our extreme emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, and compassion. Needless to say, it has a direct impact on our health as well.

2. The Moon

The Moon the queen of planets and forms our personality. This cosmic body is cold and nulls the effect of the Sun. While the latter is resistant, the Moon is receptive. While the Sun is positive, the Moon is negative. It is feminine and complements the masculine king of the solar system. While the Sun makes us headstrong, the Moon instills a changeable behaviour within us.

3. Mars

The planet Mars is red and is at the forefront. It is like the commander in chief in a battlefield. The planet is dry and masculine. It is an embodiment of energy, valour, and logic. It could lead to construction as well as destruction. It could bring about prosperity as well as desolation. People heavily influenced by Mars live life in the extremes ever.

4. Mercury

This planet cannot be seen with naked eye; it remains hidden within the brightness of the Sun. Mercury represents protection and secrecy. It does not have a personality of its own. Rather, it borrows aspects from the other planets nearby. It is never independent. Persons born under the influence of Mercury tend to be quick witted. They know how to take advantage of situations to their best interest. But, their nature depicts duality and vulnerability.

5. Jupiter

The planet is large and massive. It represents expansion and is rightfully called ‘Guru’ (the teacher). Jupiter is believed to dismiss darkness and ignorance from a person’s life. It is also the representation of strength and wisdom. People born with Jupiter in their natal chart grow up to be individuals of good morale, wealth, fame, and repute. Everyone, everywhere respects them.

6. Venus

It’s the brightest of all planets and imparts happiness. Venus is feminine and warm. It stands for beauty, fertility, passion and desire. A person influenced by this planet shows inclination towards art. He has an appetite for the finer things in life. If given a chance, he would always pick what’s most luxurious and pleasure-giving. He is a silent worshipper of prosperity and despises austerity.

7. Saturn

In Indian astrology, Saturn is also known as Yama – the determiner of longevity. This planet is the medium to heaven as well as hell. It delays actions and is infamous for the sake. Saturn is cold, dry, and barren. It represents hard-heartedness and detachment from the positive. People who are influenced by Saturn are said to be ruled by something evil. It causes misfortune, hindrances, diseases, and even death.

8. Rahu

Rahu determines the ascending point of the Moon. While the other planets are physical entities of measurable mass, form, colour, shape, and motion, Rahu is sans all these properties. It is an imaginary Karmic planet and lacks the physical aspects. This planet stands for the actions an individual needs to do in his current incarnation. It is largely influenced by Karma. Rahu is the donor. It is responsible for what a person gains in his life.

9. Ketu

Ketu is another Karmic plant which counterparts Rahu. It is the receiver; it stands for a person’s past life qualities and his nature due to them. Ketu determines the losses a person suffers in his lifetime. It is directed to misery and struggle and reflects the properties of the planet Mars.

Understanding The Nine Planets Of Astrology For Self-Discovery

The basis of this science in India is the birth of an individual. It goes on to define the person’s horoscope or natal chart. Thus, astrology provides a leeway to self-discovery as well. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. It may not seem to make any sense in the beginning. But, when you learn how to put the bits together, the entire choreography of the planetary motions will eventually make sense. You’ll understand how and why things happen and that there’s always a reason behind every action. Every individual is naturally blessed with the power to acquaint with his inner self. One just needs to open up and see. As of now, your book to astrology should be your natal chart.

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