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Why Is Astrology Important?

'Astrology' has been derived from two words – 'aster' and 'logos.' These translated mean 'star' and 'logic.' In other words, it is the science of the heavenly bodies. In India, we call is 'Jyotish Vidya.' Jyotish comes from 'jyoti + ish,' meaning 'that which is made of light,' and 'vidya' means knowledge. Wondering why the meaning is being explained?

Well, this is because the science of astrology helps us fight something called 'disaster.' Let's see what this word is composed of. 'Disaster' is derived from two words – 'dis,' which denotes the removal of something, and 'aster,' meaning 'star.' In other words, it means separation from light and knowledge. Now it should not be difficult for you to figure out why astrology is so important to humankind.

The science helps us connect with the cosmos and decode the profoundness of the world under the sky. Astrology can explain how the planetary motions determine what's happening on earth. It is not something we humans have designed. It has been and will be forever. Did you know, astrology actually commences with astronomy? Yes, without studying the stars we can never make out how they influence our lives.

A lesser-known aspect of astrology is horology, i.e. the study and measurement of time. Each moment in our life contributes to our fate. This also includes our time of birth, depending on which our natal chart is designed by astrologers. You will be surprised to know that this chart is excessively simplified in comparison with the intricacy of the cosmic setup. You should understand how to read your natal chart thoroughly, for it can guide you to self-realisation and the intensity of your bond with the cosmos.

It is wrong to confine astrology to a unifaceted view; it is neither good nor bad. It just shows you the truth. In fact, it is wrong to tag it as the art of 'fortune telling.' It is more about a karmic analysis – the study of your deeds in the past, present, and future. Karma is always dynamic; you can use it to shape your fate. This can be explained using Newton's third law of motion – 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction.' Our fate follows the same law as well; it is what we make. How and when depends on you to decide. Astrology is the path to enlightenment; either you take it or you don't; it's completely your choice.

Another facet of the science is it can help us make the best use of what we are born with. This, again would come from the natal chart. It will tell us about our strengths and weaknesses. We can then try to enhance the former and overcome the latter to attain success in life. Your planetary connections define your existence and make the activities in your life make more sense.

This knowledge of light acts as a catalyst, which helps you evolve as a person. It dismisses the confusions in our lives and invites clarity of thought and deeds; it heals us from within. Another overlooked benefit of astrology is, it is regardless of any caste, creed, gender, religion, race, culture, and nationality. It sees everyone equally and accommodates everyone within its realm, irrespective of believers and nonbelievers. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say astrology is your very consciousness; it is a medium to synchronise your present to your past and future.

It is no way a trial and error. Instead, you should think about it as ‘probability,’ which exists big time in quantum physics. A great astrologer would never affirm that a thing is going to happen; rather, he would say, there’s every possibility that it might happen. The most amazing thing about astrology is, if practised in an unerring way, it can be astoundingly accurate. You could apprehend every second, minute, and hour of your life.

And yes, it is very much valid, although it is all about how you perceive it. Our very own Vedic astrology has been established to be transformational. It is aimed at helping people with their spiritual growth, evolution of the conscience, and taming their shortcomings. Its importance, thus, is beyond the shadow of doubt.

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